October 10, 2013

How to Use Imagination to Fall in Love With Yourself.


Some days all we can do is imagine.

I imagine myself as a beautiful woman, with a big heart. I am filled with confidence - you can see it in the way I walk, the way I speak, in everything I do.

I imagine that I am doing extraordinary things in the world. I am a dreamer and a doer.

I am a fantastic mother, lover, and friend.

On days where I don't feel so good, I let myself imagine. I play around with the ideas of what it would be like to be "her". And as these magical thoughts dance through my mind, my shoulders roll back and down. I sit up a little taller, my chin raises up, and there's an extra sway in my step as I imagine...

We know who we are - we are just scared sometimes to be who we are.

Our imagination can bring us back to who we are, even if for the moment we think we are just playing pretend. The buddhist say we are already enlightened- we've just forgotten. And so our journey is just a processs of reminding ourselves just how brilliant we already are.  We are already brilliant, confident, and beautiful, even when we don't feel we are in our best shape.

Try it sometime. Let your mind wander. What does your dream self look like? Write about her. Take a self-portrait of her. Dream about her. Notice any transformations as you let your mind play. Even the slightest change is important- those changes let you know she's there. She's always there.

Let her come out.


DTeaPriestess said...

Yesterday was a particularly harsh day for me and I forgot who I really am. Then I found your post this morning and just like that I'm feeling much better. Thank you for shining a light to help me find my way back to me.

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