April 26, 2013

Qualities of a Good Friend.

I come to you as a friend, nothing more. 
I don't come to you as a coach,
a guru,
as someone who knows everything.
I don't come to you as some sort of Love expert,
Or an expert on life.

I'm still learning myself. 

I tell you things you already know in your heart. 

I imagine us sitting together
having tea
sharing our hearts with each other.
Knowing that while we are in each other's presence,
we are in a safe space.
We are loved.
We are connected.

That energy always lingers. 

A friend reminds us of our beauty.
They help us remember what's important
when life takes a hold of us,
And we're too busy spinning around to remember to breathe. 

I just want to remind you to breathe.
Listen to yourself.
Love yourself. 
Remember who you are. 

I mean, that's what friends are for, right? 

Love You. 


Joyce Patlyek said...

always very well said!

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